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On this page, we will introduce the SDP Mini and its specification, related tools and other development resources.

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The SDP Mini is a small-size development platform designed by SLAMTEC for evaluating the performance of modular autonomous robot localization and navigation solution(SLAMWARE solution for short).

It is assembled by key components including SLAMWARE Core, RPLIDAR A2 and Breakout 3.0 board, and requires only 8 AA batteries to run well without concerns about batteries and charging. 

The SDK of SDP Mini, supported to run in Windows/Linux/IOS and Android environment, integrates the whole SLAMWARE solution and extra reserved sensor interfaces. 

With SDP Mini, users can have a general understanding about the SLAMWARE solution and examine its basic performance. Run as the most compact structure which realizes the basic SLAMWARE solution, it is suitable for the preliminary evaluation of SLAMWARE solution or the development of robots with basic needs for localization and navigation function.

Key components


It provides autonomous localization and navigation based on RPLIDAR and supports for communicating the navigation information via serial port and Ethernet bus.

For detailed specification, please refer to KBSW180102 SLAMWARE Core 数据手册.

SLAMWARE Breakout 3.0

As a shield for SLAMWARE Core, it provides the interfaces that can connect directly to RPLIDAR, network, PC, motor and varies sensors, which facilitates the software and hardware development based on the SLAMWARE Core.


It performs 2D 360-degree LIDAR scan in a range, and the generated 2D point cloud data can be used in mapping, localization and object/environment modeling. In SDP Mini, it provides raw data of the environment for SLAMWARE Core to analyze and handle.


The brush motor, with a simple schematic diagram, realizes the moving function of SAMWARE solution in SDP Mini, and it is easy to launch, control or improve. 

The diagram is as below:





Dimension &

Weight &


Maximum diameter

185 mm±5mm


100 mm±5mm


0.85kg ±0.05kg


acrylic (upper board is 4mm and lower board is 5mm)

Center of gravity




5mm backward of the centre point


Maximum distance range

8m(based on white objects with 90% reflectity)




Maximum mapping area

Varies in different environments and with different batteries


Normal speed


Maximum speed



Hardware interfaces

All the interfaces of Breakout 3.0, please refer to the "Related Interfaces" in KBSW180108 SLAMWARE 套装用户手册 for details.

Software interfaces

SLAMWARETM Windows/Linux/Android/IOS SDK

Power dissipation

& endurance

Operating current





8 AA batteries

Working environment


-10℃ ~ 40℃


30% ~ 70%

Tools and usage

Tools with GUI

Robot Studio

It is a tool with graphical user interface for connecting to SLAMTEC devices. With this tool, users can control and debug SDP Mini in mapping, moving and other operations. 

Please refer to KBSW180113 Robot Studio RoboStudio User Manual for the detailed function description.


SLAMTEC has designed a web portal tool to provide general operations for SLAMWARE devices during the  developing, debugging and using process. With this tool, users can check the basic information of SLAMWARE Core, update firmware, configure WiFi and diagnose the robot visually.

Currently supported operations are as below:

  • Check the device information
  • Restart module
  • Update firmware
  • Configure WiFi
  • Turn on SLAMWARE Core diagnose mode
  • Modify the password for administrator

Please check SQ001 KBSW180153 SLAMWARE Web Portal Function Overview 1 for detailed usage.

Mobile application

SLAMTEC has designed mobile application for SDP Mini. It covers the basic moving control, localization and navigation function. After binding the device to the mobile phone, users can control the SDP Mini successfully.

  1. The application in ios version is supported to run on and over ios 9.0; the one in android version is supported to run on and over android 4.4.
  2. Domestic users  can register this app via mobile phone number.

Other tools

Slamware Console

Slamware Console is a development tool for SLAMWARE SDK. It is used for debugging the implementation of Control Bus protocol, checking the sensor status configured in the base and the data of odometer and wheels. For details, please refer to KBSW180110 Slamware Console 用户手册.


slamware_config_tool is a base configuration tool that can set the base diameter, the wheel base and the charging mode. For details, please refer to SA004 KBSW180147 机器人底盘传感器位置坐标及底盘配置工具的使用.


Ctrl Bus

For how to realize the communication between SLAMTEC base with user's system, please refer to KBSW180104 SLAMWARE Control Bus 通讯协议.

SDK API Reference

For API reference of SLAMWARE SDK on Windows platform, please refer to SLAMWARE SDK API Reference(Windows);

For the introduction of the map data type and coordinate system in SLAMWARE SDK, please refer to SA002 KBSW180143 关于SLAMWARE SDK中坐标系统以及地图数据的概述;

For the introduction of odometer of base, its usage and related code, please refer to SA003 KBSW180145 基于Slamware解决方案的服务型机器人底盘电机里程计概述及代码示例;

For how to control the moving and check the return status of robot with SLAMWARE SDK, please refer to SA006 KBSW180167 使用Slamware SDK实现机器人的运动控制及其返回状态判断.

Mechanical dimensions


  1. Definition of indicators

    The definition of indicators on Breakout 3.0

    Indicator nameStatusDefinition
    D1light up redpower on Breakout 3.0
    indicator on SLAMWARE Corelight up greenpower on SLAMWARE Core
    U6light up and flash in blue colorduring launching
    light up bluelaunch successfully
    flash yellow colorbattery lower than 30%
    flash in red colorbattery lower than 15%

  2. Model Definition

    ProductSLAMWARE SDP Mini
    Major ComponentsSLAMWARE Core Lite Module (Model: B1M4, please refer to KBSW180103 SLAMWARE Core 型号定义(Model Definition) for details.)
    RPLIDAR A2 Laser Range Scanner
    SLAMWARE Core Breakout 3.0
    two-wheeled differential drive motor

  3. Unbinding SDP Mini and reset WiFi

when the SDP Mini is required to bind to another account of RoboHome mobile application or the network changes, the SDP Mini needs to be unbound first, and after resetting Wifi, it can be bound to another account or be found in a new network environment.  The steps are as below:

    1. Turn on the SW1 switch on the SLAMWARE Breakout 3.0 of SDP Mini to launch the device;
    2.  Log in to the RoboHome with the account which is bound with the SDP Mini → Refresh the Device Center and the bound SDP Mini will be online→ Click Edit in the upper right corner to enter editing mode→ Click the crash bin icon in the right of the SDP mini → Click Yes, delete in the dialog box.

    3. When the network changes, follow the following steps to switch the Station mode back to AP mode so that we can reassign the ip address:
      1. As shown below, remove the jumper in J22 on Breakout 3.0 board of SDP Mini and put it on the GND pin and RX2 pin of the same interface, then restart the SDP Mini. (Except for the buzz of normal launch, the SDP Mini will emit a longer buzz to indicate a successful WiFi reset. )


        After resetting, please turn the switch off and put the jumper back to normal state to ensure that the SDP Mini will work well later.

      2. After launching the SDP Mini, connect it to the computer with network cable, and then login to in Chrome(Default username: admin; default password: admin111). Go to Administration on the upper right corner of the page → choose Configure WiFi on the left panel → choose Restore button in the bottom of the page.

Related pages

If you are a new comer for SLAMTEC products, please turn to SQ103 KBSW185201 SLAMWARE SDP Mini 快速启动指南 first;

For more help, please contact