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This directory contains document of slamware demo programs, which are developed based on Slamware windows SDK

KBSW180136 Win32 - Navigate to Target Point(Standard Mode and Virtual Track Mode)

This document introduces the demo project of "move_to_spot", including how to move in standard mode and virtual track mode.

KBSW180137 Win32- Recover Localization

This document introduces the demo project of "recover_localization", how to call the recoverlocalization() API to have the robot re-position to the correct localization on the map. Before using this feature, please note the following:

1.The success rate of relocalization is related to the environment. Before re-positioning, it is recommended to use a clear environmental map with a sharp outline.

2.For the case where there is a similar environment in the map area, for example, there are offices 1 and 2 with the same environment layout on the map, if the robot is actually in the office 1, it may relocate to the office 2 during the relocalization process. . In this case, it is recommended to modify the office environment to make a distinction on the map when building the map (moving tables and chairs, adding pots, etc.).

KBSW180140 Win32- Virtual Wall/Virtual Track Operation( Add, Delete, Modify)

This document introduces the demo project of "artifacts_demo", explaining user operation of Virtual Wall/Virtual Track, including how to add/delete/modify artifacts.

KBSW180141 Win-32- Save and Load Composite Map

This document introduces the demo project of "composite_map_demo", including how to save and load maps of stcm format( composite map).

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