On this page, we will introduce how to connect the SDP Mini to our mobile applications and computer. If you are a new comer for SLAMTEC products, it's fine to start from here.

On this page

Step 1: put batteries in

SDP Mini requires only 8 AA batteries to run well. After receiving the product, please put batteries in the battery holder first. The steps for taking out the battery holder are as below:

  1. loosen the two thumb screws next to the battery holder anti-clockwise;
  2. remove the protective board;
  3. pull out the battery holder carefully and put batteries in;
  4. push the battery holder and protective board back, and then  tighten the screws clockwise to fix the battery holder

Step 2: launch SDP Mini

Turn the switch(SW1 interface on the Breakout 3.0 of SDP Mini) on to launch the SDP Mini, then the indicator D1 lights up red and the buzzer buzzes a few times. The RPLIDAR starts to rotate after 30 seconds which indicates the device launch successfully.

Step 3: control on mobile application

Please scan the following QR code to download the mobile application RoboHome. After registration and login( Domestic users  can register this app via or mobile phone number), open the bluetooth on the phone and put the phone close to SDP Mini for matching. If matching successfully, you can use the phone connect to the SDP Mini and control it. (The following screenshots are only for reference. Please refer to the the latest app for details. )

Step 4: download and use SLAMWARE SDK

Please download the latest SLAMWARE SDK from the following link


Check the SSID SLAMWARE-XXXXXX on the SDP Mini and keep it in mind. Then after launching the SDP Mini successfully, check the network adapter on computer to see whether the same wireless SSID SLAMWARE-XXXXXX appears.

Please connect to the SLAMWARE-XXXXXX via WiFi(you can also connect the SDP Mini to your PC via network cable, in this condition, the network adapter on the PC should be set as DHCP mode). Then open the tool Robot Studio in the bin folder of the SDK downloaded above and use the default IP address to connect to the SDP Mini, if successfully. The scanned map will show up  in the Robot Studio interface.